Prosperity Methods

Living the Abundant Life

Prosperity is something most everyone is after. As I mentioned on the Ways to Improve Your Life page, money is not everything. But certainly having enough money does make life easier! ALL of our needs, from the most basic to the most abstract, are made attainable and/or easier to attain when we have plenty of money. Prosperity, then, is worth seeking!


Many of us grow up with mixed messages about money and prosperity.  Given that I feel our thoughts and beliefs do indeed shape our lives, this ambiguity about money and being rich, and whether we should desire it or not, and how easy or hard it is to obtain, is something that we absolutely must address if we wish to be financially abundant.  In New Thought lingo, this is called building a prosperity consciousness. There are various ways to do this–methods to employ that are touched upon on other pages and in the ads you see on this page (affirmations, visualization, releasing). Additionally, both the healing codes and the body code address financial abundance, and whatever might be blocking your success.



Prosperity Methods

Once your mind is “right” with the idea of it being okay to enjoy financial prosperity, you might be looking for ways to create this reality.  As with all things, there are a multitude of ways to be rich. Below are different things I have tried or currently use–in my opinion, diversity is great!
One way  to make money online that I would like to share with you here is called M.O.B.E. (My Own Business Education).  It was started by Matt Llyod from Australia, and you might also see it called M.T.T.B (My Top Tier Business). His story is rather inspirational, and the company itself promotes a good “system” to make big money.  It has recently expanded and changed its structure a bit. I joined M.O.B.E. and bought the MLR (Mobe License Rights–now called Silver) level, but have only just now started promoting it.  The idea is that individuals bring in new members with advertising (which can be a little tricky to master), and then the sales team/coaches come in to play.  They generally close sales for you, but meanwhile, you have an email list for those you bring in, and you maintain contact that way. Check it out–click here!  There are a lot of success stories…maybe you’ll be the next one!

Creating and selling journals is a lot of fun! I have just started this myself. This course by Sue Fleckenstein is a good one–uses Power Point. I highly recommend it!

6-Figure Business Machine

6-figure business machine

Noah St John has a great success story (as does anyone who has “made it,” really :)) Here is my interview with Noah. Soon  I will post a review of this program, but,  meanwhile, if you want to hear about it from Noah himself, click here now!

As I come across other ways to make money, I will share them. I have had some success thus far, but nothing major. I am learning right along with you in this area 🙂  This web-site has been my primary focus…and it’s been a long road, but a happy journey 🙂 Stay tuned!

                          “The lack of money is the root of all evil.”
                           Mark Twain
                         “There are people who have money and people
                           who are rich.”
                          ~Coco Chanel