Make Learning a Life-Long Habit

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Make Learning a Life-Long Habit: Improve Your Life Tip #9

Life is change. I am old enough to remember not having a personal computer–oh the horror! 🙂 There have been tons of technological advancements in my own lifetime. My parents are in their 80’s and 90’s–imagine how life has changed in their lifespans!

To keep up with the changes in the world around us, we must be willing to learn. Learning will help keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Learning can also be more personal as in learning a new exercise or a new self-improvement technique. For most of us, there will always be areas of personality or ways of being that we might like to improve upon. Maybe learn to be an imperfectionist!

Learning can also just be fun!  Some people like to travel. For them, experiencing new sights, sounds, cuisine and culture would be a way to learn. Taking up a new hobby would also count.

So keep your mind open and active your whole life!

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