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Make Learning a Life-Long Habit

Make Learning a Life-Long Habit: Improve Your Life Tip #9 Life is change. I am old enough to remember not having a personal computer–oh the horror! 🙂 There have been tons of technological advancements in…

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Connect With People to Improve Your Life Tip #8

Connect With People: Improve Your Life Tip #8 Human beings are social animals. Generally speaking, we like to be in the company of other people. As with most things, people vary regarding how much contact…

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Keep a Stop Doing List

Ways to Improve Your Life : Tip #7 Keep a Stop-Doing List Many people keep a to-do list, but not many keep a stop-doing list. Yes, this is just what it sounds like 🙂  And…

Keys to Success

Three Keys to Success

Pretty much every person on the planet wants to know the KEYS TO SUCCESS. How you define what success means may be totally different from how someone else does, but, chances are, you both want…

7 Day Mental Diet

Diets are all over the place–in books, commercials, videos etc…most often, of course, they are talking about food and what we put into our bodies. Generally speaking, people think much less about what they “feed”…

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Happy Labor Day!

Today we (here in the US, anyway) celebrate all those who labor in this world in whatever form that may take. Ourselves included! I hope you have all enjoyed a nice day whether or not…

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Choose to Be Happy

Improve Your Life: Tip #6: Choose to Be Happy Having personal relationships with people who have actual mental conditions which make this tip seem trite, I do acknowledge that being happy is not always as…


Halloween Quiz

Just testing out my quiz builder thingee 🙂 Check out my Halloween quiz ? [tqb_quiz id=’3228′] Click image to order this cute Halloween mug from my shop 🙂 ? Return to homepage

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