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Practice Gratitude

Improve Your Life: Tip #4 Practice Gratitude The daily practice of looking for things to appreciate and give thanks for is a somewhat new trend. But, as a practice, it is really nothing new. Many…

Achieve Anything in Just One Year Review

Achieve Anything in Just One Year (links to amazon products are commission links, earning a small compensation for me should you proceed to amazon and purchase :)) If you want your dreams to come true…


Forest Bathing Benefits

Forest Bathing Benefits Ah, the forest. I love the woods, although I don’t have easy access to walking in them so much as near them in my neighborhood. Even just gazing at them as I…

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind is a song by Sister Hazel that came out in 2000 on the album entitled, Fortress. The band was formed in 1993 in Florida, and they were named for Sister Hazel Williams, a…

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Release the Imprisoned Splendor

Release the imprisoned splendor. I love the image that brings to mind.  🙂 That line is part of this excerpt from Robert Browning’s Paracelus. It’s one of my all-time favorites and really summarizes the New Thought…

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Serendipity is one those fun life experiences that reinforces the idea that life is good. There was a story shared in a group that I am in on Facebook, that made me chuckle with understanding….

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