Good Habits

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Weekly Inspirational Video: Reading

Weekly Inspirational Video: Reading I just recently discovered this young woman’s show on Facebook. She does a lot of cute  and entertaining “shows.” And with summer just around the corner, this one about reading seems…

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The Power of Our Words

The Power of Our Words One of my favorite quotes of all time is from a cartoon rabbit 🙂 Well, maybe Thumper wasn’t the first  to coin the phrase, but I do like his delivery:…

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Serving Up Some Good News

Serving up some good news will present information morsels in a variety of “flavors” 😉  Upbeat things happening in the world, information about health and hobbies and prosperity and any number of things that contribute…

Improve Your Self

3 Ways to Improve Your Life

I understand totally that you are looking for ways to improve your life. This desire for true self-improvement is something most of us have in common. There are countless books and courses on personal development as…

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