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Forest Bathing Benefits

Forest Bathing Benefits Ah, the forest. I love the woods, although I don’t have easy access to walking in them so much as near them in my neighborhood. Even just gazing at them as I…

Cold Kills Fat Cells

Cold Kills Fat Cells Pack your bags, we’re moving to Alaska! Brrr 🙂 Hang on…maybe we should read first. Maybe there’s another approach to applying this information 🙂 But the title is catchy, isn’t it?…

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Fasting for Women: An Expert Shares His View

Fasting for Women Maybe you’ve heard the recent debate about women and the safety of fasting.  I reached out to intermittent fasting expert Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat, to set the record straight…

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Serving Up Some Good News

Serving up some good news will present information morsels in a variety of “flavors” 😉  Upbeat things happening in the world, information about health and hobbies and prosperity and any number of things that contribute…

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The Power of Late Night Snacking

The power of late night snacking? I adore snacking 🙂 So, you had me at hello, Liz Swann Miller.  Read on and see if you agree! You’re staring at your computer screen with weary eyes….

Why Fasting Works Great For Women

Fasting is a common catchword  in health and weight-loss circles these days. There are lots of ideas and opinions about whether or not women should fast, and so  I reached out to intermittent fasting expert…


Do this for 1 day (Better than 7-day detoxes!)

Eat STOP Eat “Cleanse” Forget what you’ve read about 10-day lemonade cleanses, 7-day detoxes with green juices, and Gwyneth’s gruel. All you need to do, and this is perfect for Saturday or Sunday or anytime…


How to Get Started Running

How to Get Started Running Running, generally speaking,  is good for you (I know not everyone agrees with this :)). If you want to start a running program, but find it hard to get up…

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How to do Reverse Crunches

How to Do Reverse Crunches The crunch is a go to exercise for many who are looking to strengthen their core and tighten their stomach. Unfortunately, crunches are terrible for your neck and back, and…

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