Motivation Monday: Your Environment

Your Environment Can Influence Your Motivation

Once you know your personality, make it a priority to set up an environment that encourages you to develop successfully. With or without the test (mentioned last week), if you do these things you’ll be more motivated and thus experience more success.


  • Create a Supportive Environment – Ideally, you can create an atmosphere in which you feel supported. A feeling of lack of support, decreases your creativity and ability to succeed–for most people, anyway.
  • Be Accountable for Your Actions – Find someone to hold you accountable for your actions. People who have accountability partners or coaches to help them see their plan through to fruition will experience a lot more success in life.
  • Decide on a Plan of Action – Whatever the goal, knowing the reasons behind it, makes it a lot easier to commit and follow through with your plan.
  • Commit to the Plan – Deciding and  committing to a plan is sure to bring results much sooner than those with no plan. Having a plan and committing to it creates a habit of getting things done–which is nutures motivation. A great way to help your plan materialize is to create a checklist so that you can go through it each day and mark off what you’ve achieved.
  • Start Sooner Rather Than Later – For example, let’s say you want to lose weight and get healthy. Don’t wait until Friday or Monday to start. Instead, start now. The sooner you start the sooner your brain will catch up with your actions and accept that this is your new way of doing things.

Learn to ignore the tricks your brain plays on you when it comes to acting on your plans toward achieving your goals. Before doing anything new, or anything at all sometimes, your brain will determine– due to pre-programmed information– whether it’s pleasure or pain. It’s also often wrong since it seeks immediate pleasure over immediate pain.

In fact, if it views the actions as painful it might try to stop you. This isn’t just physical pain but mental too. For example, if you need to meet a work deadline, but you lack the motivation to get it done, it’s because your brain can’t see past the present discomfort of having to miss out on things that bring pleasure even though it is pleasurable to keep your job.

If you learn to do it anyway, eventually your brain will realize that sometimes you must do things that aren’t immediately pleasurable to experience success. When you do this repeatedly, your brain will start interpreting these actions as pleasurable, instead of painful. This is going to help you reach success faster. You’re training your brain to re-associate some “painful” actions as “pleasurable.” This works with everything including exercise and eating right.

Watch for the next installment of Motivational Monday next week 🙂

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